4 Tips For Saving Money On A New Car

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If you are planning on buying a new car, you might assume that you will have to shell out a fairly large amount of money. Although it’s true that new cars are notoriously expensive, there are ways that you can enjoy the new look and feel without having to spend too much. Just follow these tips, and you’re sure to save quite a bit of money while still driving a brand new car off of the lot. 1. Consider a Cheaper Brand If you aren’t brand loyal to a particular vehicle manufacturer, consider opting for a cheaper brand. Some manufacturers make multiple lines of vehicles, and choosing one of the more affordable lines will allow you to enjoy similar quality for a lower price. Plus, you might find that you can get a car with more features for the same or a lower price than if you went with a more expensive brand. 2. Opt for a Year-Old Model Many dealerships are packed with brand new cars from last year’s model, and they are often willing to get rid of these cars for drastically reduced prices. Even though the vehicle might be one year older, it still won’t have many miles on it and will still have the original warranty. This means that you can enjoy a brand new vehicle for a used car price. 3. Opt Out of Some of the Features Do you really need all of the newest and fanciest features? If you have a navigation system on your cell phone, for example, you can shave quite a bit off of the purchase price of a new car by buying one that doesn’t have a pre-installed system. Think about the features that you really want, need, and will use, and consider opting out of the ones that you won’t. 4. Compare Costs Across the Country Car dealerships want your business. Find out more about how much similar vehicles are selling for across the state and country, and bring this information in when shopping for a car. Many dealers will be willing to strike a deal if they see that you have been doing your homework, even if you are comparing prices from somewhere rather far away. You don’t have to spend a fortune just to buy a brand new car. Instead, remember these four tips, and you can save a surprising amount of cash on your next new car purchase, such as from Expressway...

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Calling For A Tow: 3 Pieces Of Information You Must Have

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Unfortunately vehicles never seem to breakdown when they are in your driveway or next to a reputable repair shop. Instead, they will breakdown while taking a drive in the country or fighting gridlock on a busy highway. Thankfully, there are many reputable towing companies to choose from that can help you get your vehicle to a safe location when a breakdown does occur. However, before you are able to take advantage of these towing services, there is three pieces of information that you must have available to share with the towing company. Identifying Information Regarding Your Vehicle A towing company must be absolutely sure that they are towing the right vehicle. This is especially important if the owner of the vehicle does not intend to wait with the vehicle until it is towed. In order to ensure they have the right vehicle, the towing company will require you to provide them with some identifying information. This information will typically include: make and model of the vehicle color of the vehicle license plat number Location Information You will also be expected to provide the towing company with detailed information regarding the vehicle’s location. While this may sound like nothing more than common sense, the fact is, providing this type of information can often be quite difficult if your vehicle breaks down in an unfamiliar or rural area. If you are unsure of your exact location, you may be able to find this information using a GPS-enabled device, such as your cell phone. Simply open the navigation app on your device and allow your GPS signal to provide you with a map of your exact location. This information can then be shared with the towing company. Payment Information Most towing companies will require upfront payment for their services. If you will be waiting with your vehicle, this financial obligation can be met by simply paying the driver in cash when they arrive. However, if you will be leaving before the tow truck arrives, you will need to provide the towing company with payment over the phone or instructions on where the payment will be left inside your vehicle. For example, you may wish to leave a check, along with your car key, under the floor mat so that it can easily be retrieved by the tow truck driver. Having all of this required information available when contacting a towing company will ultimately help to speed up the process of getting you the towing services, like with Augie’s Towing & Transportation, that you...

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2 Useful Tips To Help You Buy Used Auto Parts

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Owning an automobile can be costly. One recent study estimates the yearly cost of maintaining a car is $3,269. That’s an average of $272 each month! If you are looking for ways to reduce your yearly automotive expenses, then opting to buy used auto parts when your vehicle is in need of repair could be the answer. Here are two useful tips to keep in mind when it comes to finding reliable used car parts, such as at Bi County Auto Truck & Salvage. 1. Don’t be afraid of the salvage yard. This last stop in the automotive life cycle is intimidating to many of the mechanically disinclined, but there is no need to shy away from a salvage yard. To ensure that you are able to obtain the quality used car parts you need from your local salvage yard, be sure to keep the following in mind: Know which type of salvage yard you will be doing business with. There are two primary types of salvage yards in operation today: the you-pull salvage yard and the full-service salvage yard. You-pull yards allow customers to bring their own set of tools and manually remove any parts needed. If you don’t have the mechanical knowledge needed to identify and remove the used part you need, then having an employee at a full-service salvage yard complete the task for you may be more beneficial.     Take time to learn the salvage yard’s organizational system. Many salvage yards keep their vehicles organized by categorizing them. Much like the Dewey decimal system in a library separates books by subject, salvage cars are often divided according to their country of origin. Car models that frequently break down are kept in front due to the high demand for replacement parts, while rare and older models are housed near the back of the salvage yard. Understanding the salvage yard’s organizational system will allow you to browse the used auto parts available without wasting time searching for the parts that are compatible with your vehicle. 2. Do your research before buying used auto parts. One easy way to ensure that you don’t overpay for your used auto parts is to do a bit of research before you buy. In order to complete the research process you will need to follow two simple steps: First, check the market value in your area. Due to transportation costs, newly manufactured car parts will be priced differently depending on how far they must be shipped. Take the time to visit a few auto part suppliers in your area to gauge how costly the part you need would be if you were to purchase it new, This information will help you determine...

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