Make Your Car Look New Again With Used Auto Parts

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You’re not ready to get rid of your old car, but it’s showing signs of age. Even simple things like replacing cracked taillight lenses can be expensive if you go to the dealers’s parts store. Keep your old car looking good by browsing a local auto salvage yard for good used parts. Some of the parts you find will look like new, and there are a few parts you should stay away from. Grab your toolbox and head out to the local car parts lot and get your old car back into shape. How a Pick-and-Pull Works These lots are a step up from the traditional auto junk yard. They organize their lot to make it easier to find the make and model of car you need. Sometimes, they pull off the used auto parts, such as stereos, speakers and mirrors, and keep them organized from the cars. You go in with a tool box, find the parts you want and remove them, take them to the front desk and pay a flat price set for that part. For example, you’ll pay the same for a left-side driver’s mirror regardless of what kind of car it came off of. These lots make their money off of selling scrap metal and recycling used car parts. They make it as easy as possible for you to find what you want. Used Car Parts to Avoid There are a few parts that you shouldn’t get at the salvage yard. These are usually related to the car’s safety and heavily-used items that you can’t tell how much life is left in them. The parts to avoid include: Timing Belts and Chains Accessory Belts Hoses and Tubes Air and Oil Filters Spark Plugs and Wires Distributor Caps The exception to this is if you happen to find a car that just had a major tune-up before being sent to the salvage yard. If the parts look to be new, take them and save yourself a few dollars on your next tune-up. Good Used Parts from the Salvage Yard These parts can have a lot of life left in them. Don’t settle on the first part you find because it has just a little rust on it. Look at all of your make and model of car and compare the parts. You’re paying the same price so pick the best part you can find. The parts to find on the lot include: Body parts such as fenders, bumpers, engine hoods and truck lids. Front and rear windshields, and door windows. Interior and exterior rear view mirrors. Headlight assemblies and taillight lenses. Door handles, latches, window cranks, and arm rests. window and door weather stripping and...

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Ready To Store Your Sweet Classic Car? Keep It Classy Over Time With Proper Preperation

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If love your summer cruiser that you drive when the weather is warm, it’s important that you preserve it the right way before you put it into storage for the harsh winter months. There are a few ways you can get the vehicle prepared to sit and ways you can protect the value. The vehicle is a machine that needs to be maintained and cared for, and you want to make sure that small or existing problems don’t intensity over the winter in storage. Here just a few things you’ll want to think about, before you cover the vehicle up. Get the Car Serviced Have a local mechanical shop give the car a diagnostic check and a tuneup. Have the oil changed, because dirty oil will break down over time, and it can corrode the components throughout the engine. It won’t lubricate as it should when it’s dirty. You also want the other fluids replaced and filled to the top, so there isn’t room for condensation to become a problem. Temperature changes that cause condensation can be a big problem, because they dilute the fluids. Add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank, and fill it up for the winter. Take out the battery so it isn’t dead in the spring, and add enough air to the tires that you won’t have to worry about deflation over time. Have Exterior Issues Repaired Is your vehicle starting to show signs of rusts from the rain or humidity that it’s exposed to in the spring and summer? If so, you want to have the rust removed or repaired at an auto body shop before you put it away. You also want to have the vehicle exterior detailed and waxed, so it’s protected in storage. The vehicle will look great in the spring if you cover it or wrap it right when it leaves the auto body shop. For more information, contact Select Collision Centers Inc. or a similar company. Clean the Inside Any light soiling or staining can become permanent if it sits for months in the car, so have the carpets cleaned. This is also going to help preserve the carpeting, by removing damaging debris out of the fibers, and it’s going to prevent odors from lingering in the vehicle. You want to make sure that your car looks great every year, even as it starts to age. If you take care of it properly, you won’t have to worry about the vehicle becoming a...

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2 Things To Consider That Will Make Your Semi Truck More Comfortable

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There are many optional features and extras that you can consider when purchasing a semi truck, especially if you are looking to make your truck as comfortable as possible. Two things to consider in order to make your semi more comfortable are cooking accommodations and a warmer sleeping area. Cooking Accommodations One of the biggest expenses that you can run into when driving your semi on long trips is food. It is not uncommon for many truck drivers to eat most of their meals at truck stops or in fast food restaurants. Not only can this greatly cut into your profits, but it can also be extremely unhealthy for you. However, an easy way to resolve these issues and avoid having to eat out a lot when on a long haul is to upgrade your truck’s cabin with cooking accommodations that can be powered by your vehicle’s 12 volt outlet. In some cases, you can even have these accessories wired directly into your truck’s electrical system, which is a great option if you do not have a spare 12 volt outlet. One of the best accessories to consider is a refrigerator/freezer that can be installed in either the main cabin or in the sleeper area. This will allow you to purchase and store ingredients from a grocery store, which is going to be much cheaper than eating out all the time. Now, you can even go a step further and install accessories that will allow you to cook in your truck as well. These cooking accessories can include sandwich makers, stoves, and microwaves. This makes it a lot easier for you to meet your deadlines because you will be able to stop anywhere and quickly make a hot meal rather than having to find a restaurant. Warmer Sleeping Area Another way to avoid expenses is to purchase semi truck accessories that can make your sleeping area more comfortable when driving in cold climates, which is quite common if you drive across the country a lot. The easiest way to do this is to consider items to warm up your sleeping area, such as heated bunk pads or blankets. Either of those accessories can make it so that you can drift off into a more comfortable and restful sleep. This is very important because you will want to be as alert as possible in order to keep yourself and other drivers on the road safe.  Speak to a semi truck dealer, such as Arrow Truck Sales, today in order to discuss the many features and accessories that can make your truck as comfortable as possible. Accessories that warm up your sleeping area can ensure a more restful night’s sleep without having...

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3 Reasons To Use Shuttle Transportation Over Rental Cars

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When you are traveling for business or on vacation, you may wonder what type of transportation to arrange for you and your guests. While a rental car may seem convenient, here are 3 reasons to choose shuttle transportation over rental cars. Quicker Travel Time First, you can almost always count on getting to your destination quicker if you use shuttle transportation. Shuttles run constantly at the airport, and you will often see them arriving every couple of minutes to pick you up. There should be specific shuttles for hotels that are near, and the shuttle service should be offered day and night. This means that you do not have to go pick up a rental car, or wait in a long line at the rental agency. Also, the shuttles drive the same routes over and over again, so the drivers know how to get you to your hotel quickly and safely. This is especially convenient if you have never been to a given city before. Save on Gas Second, taking shuttles to and from your destination is smart because you can commute with multiple people. This will save gas and prevent pollution, which will help the environment no matter where you are.  You can use basic city shuttles as well, which do not run to the airport. These shuttles are often quite large and can accommodate a large number of people. The main difference between this type of shuttle and an airport shuttle is that you need to arrange the transportation ahead of time. Call at least a few hours ahead so that the driver will know when and where to pick you up in the city. Many shuttles have set fees depending on where you are going, so you can ask about their charges ahead of time. If you get lucky, you can get group rates that are much lower than the individual rates, which means you can save more money. Fewer Long Term Fees Lastly, you never have to worry about parking fees that are charged by hotels, airports, and public places if you take a shuttle because you will never have to park. Some places can charge you upwards of $10 a day, and this can get prices when you have to drive around town and park at various venues. If you can, try to stay in a hotel that is central to most of your destinations. You can always walk when you do not want to take a shuttle, which will make your stay more convenient as well. By considering these 3 options, you can easily see why shuttles are a great way to go when you travel, so find out about the shuttles at...

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What Is The Suspension System In Your Car?

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You’ve probably heard people talk about the suspension in their cars. They talk about how good their suspension is, or that it needs to have work done. You may nod your head like you know what they are talking about, while all the time wondering what exactly the suspension is and what it does.  What Is Your Car’s Suspension? The suspension system in your car is something put in your car to help give you a smooth ride. Without your suspension system your head would bang into the roof every time you hit a bump. There are a lot of parts that make up your suspension system. Your tires are part of the system, including the wheels, alignment, and even pressure. Your shock absorbers, struts, and axles also go into making up your suspension system.  What Does the Suspension System Do? On top of making sure that your ride is smooth and comfortable, your suspension system also makes sure that your tires stay on the road and that you can steer.  Your car depends on traction to go. Traction is friction in between your tires and the road. That’s why your tires have grooves, to maximize friction. Every time your tire hits a bump, it loses part of that friction. The more of your tire is on the road, the more traction it has. Bumps minimize how much of the tire is on the road. That lack of friction makes it hard for you to steer your car.  The shock absorbers, springs, and struts that make up the car’s suspension system take the jolt of that bump instead of the tire. The body of your car will ride up with the bump while your tire stays in as much contact with the road as possible.  Part of the suspension’s job is also to help the handling of your car. For example, the ability of your car to take a corner or turn smoothly depends on your car’s suspension. The better your car’s suspension is, the better you are going to be able to handle things like corners.  When people talk about how good the suspension system is in their car, you want to actually know what they are talking about. Even if you aren’t a car person, you should have a basic understanding of what the different parts of your car do. Knowing what your suspension system does can help you talk to an auto shop, such as Gitt’s Spring Company, when it needs...

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3 Must-Have Car Tune Ups

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Have you just purchased a used car? If so, then it is likely your biggest concern to avoid costly damages and to maximize your investment with this new car. Because your car may already have a high number of miles already put on the engine, routine maintenance services is critical for your used car, especially if you want to ensure your new investment lasts long. To avoid damages and any car failure issues, it is important to receive routine tune ups like: Engine Oil Changes: Your car’s engine is comprised of many important moving components, which need to be properly lubricated. Dirty engine oil can reduce the amount of lubrication of your engine parts, which can cause friction and can lead to overheating and engine fails. Having your engine oil replaced on a routine basis is critical, as this allows your engine parts to move swiftly without any friction and overheating issues, which will help boost performance and prevent costly damages. Electrical Inspections and Repairs: The electrical components in your vehicle such as your alternator, battery and starter are all critical parts that allow your vehicle to start up and perform properly. If one of these components fails on you then this could result in your vehicle becoming non-operational, which can be extremely inconvenient and a hassle to deal with. Routine inspections will allow your mechanic to test the electrical output of each component, so you can be aware of which electrical component needs to be replaced before it fully fails on you. Not only will this prevent your car from breaking down, but it will also help better your fuel economy, as your car will start up more efficiently. Tire Care: Having your tires inspected regularly is very critical, especially if you have a long daily commute. With tire care and services from your mechanic, you will be able to have your tires rotated, balanced and refilled with the proper amount of air. This will prevent your tires from experiencing excessive wear, which will allow them to last longer and help prevent the chance of your tires blowing out on you on the road. Routine tire services can improve your safety on the road, and prevent your car from damages caused by loss of car control. Services like these and auto diagnostic checks can help prevent costly and inconvenient car damages, which will help you maximize the lifespan and performance out of your vehicle. This will improve your investment tremendously and will make your car just as reliable as more modern...

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