3 Reasons To Take Your Broken Vehicle To Your Local Recycling Center

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Do you have an old vehicle that no longer works? Have you tried selling it, but you can’t find anyone who wants to buy a car with a blown engine? Right now, you may be contemplating how to get the vehicle to the dump, just so it’s no longer taking up room in your driveway. But before you go that route, you may want to think about taking it to your local vehicle recycling center instead. Here are some reasons why you should consider this option: Better for the environment: When you take your vehicle to the dump, they may simply compact it and throw it in with the rest of their trash. Unfortunately, this will waste a lot of materials that could be reused. Even if the vehicle is complete junk, there may still be parts that can be taken off and reused. As an example, a vehicle with no engine has no need of working window motors, so the recycling center can take those out and sell them to a car owner who is in need of a working window motor. Even the engine itself can be taken apart and melted down, to help reduce the need for mining of new metals. Save money: Unless you own, or know someone who owns, a vehicle trailer, you are going to have to pay to have your vehicle towed to the dump. This could range from hiring a tow truck to take it there to renting a trailer and doing it yourself. If the dump is relatively far from your home, your costs for disposal will only go up. You’ll either have to pay the tow truck more to compensate for the additional miles or you will have to buy additional gas for the vehicle that’s being used to tow the broken one. Fortunately for you, many vehicle recycling centers will pick up your unwanted vehicle at no cost to you. Because not every center will offer this option, you should contact your local recycling centers to see if this is a service that they offer. Make money: When you take a broken vehicle to the dump, they will likely charge you a relatively hefty fee to dispose of it. The exact fee will depend on many things, including state regulations and local ordinances. But recycling centers will often pay you a nominal fee for giving them your vehicle. While this is unlikely to be very much, it’s still a net gain instead of loss like you would get if you took your vehicle to the dump. In addition, some dumps may even take your vehicle to the nearest recycling center anyway. So not only would you be paying the dump a...

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Taking a Closer Look at Possible Owner-Operator Options

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While making a living as a truck driver at any level is a lucrative form of employment, breaking into an owner-operator trucking career is often the most attractive option because the profits that you gain are usually all your own to keep. The only thing is, in order to step into the world of owner-operator trucking, you have to have a rig of your own. Leasing a semi truck is a good way to get started, but it must be done right. Here is a simple ABC rule set that you should keep in mind about leasing semi trucks. Always look for lease-to-own options. It is fine to sign up for a temporary lease program if you only need a truck for a short amount of time, say a few weeks. However, if you are looking to make a long-term investment in a semi truck, short-term leasing options are not that logical. You will end up paying more money out of pocket and still have to find a semi truck when the term of the lease is up. Look for companies that offer lease-to-own options so that whatever you pay will go toward the overall cost of the vehicle. Be sure to consider pricing differences. A like-new semi truck can run $100,000 or more, which is not an affordable investment for most owner-operators when they first start out. An older-model used truck is usually a much more affordable option, with a truck that is 10 to 15 years old costing as little as $35,000. You may pay a slightly higher interest rate for an older model, but your payments will be lower and more affordable. Carefully assess the terms of any lease agreement you may be offered. Lease agreements can vary greatly depending on the lender when it comes to semi trucks. Therefore, when you choose to make an investment in your trucking future with a new lease agreement, you should fully understand every last detail of the paperwork involved and shop around for the best rates before signing anything. If you have your commercial driver’s license and are like the majority of truck drivers in the country, you spend your days hauling freight in a truck that belongs to a company that has hired you for your professional expertise. Get away from giving away your talents and start putting more money in your pocket with every load. Be sure to to talk to a semi leasing company like Decatur Trailer Sales & Service Inc for more information about getting started with owner-operator...

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