As the colder weather approaches, it is time to begin thinking about your suspension and shock maintenance. Winter weather can be very damaging to your vehicle’s suspension system, which can lead to significant issues that are not ideal for winter transportation. While it is vital to have your suspension checked regularly throughout the year, it is particularly crucial to pay attention during the cold winter months. The following reasons for checking your suspension in winter should be considered:

Winter Road Damage

The winter weather can be very harsh on your shocks and suspension. Thanks to the snow, ice, and salt damage, the cold weather tends to create additional potholes in roadways. This often leads to many vehicles needing to have their shocks changed due to the constant pressure they are under while driving on rough road conditions. Bumpy streets can do significant damage to your shocks, as it can be difficult to see potholes while driving in snowy or icy weather. Many drivers hit them head on rather than trying avoid them, leading to the possibility of damage to the vehicle’s suspension.

Presence of Rust

The ice and snow in the roadways often cause significant problems for a vehicle’s suspension. Rust is a common problem this time of year, and can be cause for suspension and shock repairs. Unfortunately, rust does not only occur to older cars; newer vehicles are at risk for damage as well, particularly in very snowy and icy climates. Once you begin to hear strange rattling sounds, it is time to have the suspension checked for rust or other weather-related damage. 

Special Prices on Shocks

During the winter months, many mechanics and auto parts dealers run special prices on their inventory. This is often done due to a slowdown in auto repair business during the colder months. Some auto repair businesses also like to tailor their prices with the special holiday prices that are popular this time of year as a way to increase their sales. You can often find great deals on your shocks, such as four-for-two specials.

To prevent the need for repairs during very cold weather, it is ideal to have your vehicle checked in the fall for any sign or risk that could result in damage in the winter months. It is much better to have it fixed before it becomes a problem, especially if it requires getting out into freezing temperatures.

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