When the time comes to buy a vehicle, you have an important decision to make — whether you must buy a new or used vehicle. If you do end up leaning in the new direction, you’ll be happy to know that there are many great newer vehicles out there, as well as many awesome advantages to buying new. However, you never want to rush into such a major purchase. Instead, take the time to really think about and carefully consider your decision.

Can You Afford It?

First things first, before you start thinking about buying a new car or shelling out the money, be honest with yourself about whether or not you can really afford it. Just because you can make that down payment doesn’t mean you can necessarily and truly afford the car in the long-run.

Take a look at your budget, being sure to include all necessities and to leave some money for incidentals, and then figure out how much of a car payment you can realistically afford. Also consider the fact that insuring a new car can be a lot more expensive than insuring an older model. If your budget allows for your purchase, then go for it. If not or if it’s going to be a tight squeeze, you may want to reconsider.

How Was the Test Drive?

While there are many online dealerships that allow you to buy a car sight unseen, that’s usually not the best option for purchasing a car. Instead, it’s much better to actually physically see the car, get in it, and take it for a test drive. The test drive is a wonderful way to see how you feel about the vehicle and can really help you to make the right purchasing decision.

When you go on the test drive, consider how the ride feels — is it nice and smooth or uncomfortable and jolting? Also pay attention for any strange noises coming from the car (not a good sign!), acceleration or braking issues, and how easy it is for you to handle and maneuver the vehicle. If you notice something you don’t like in the test drive, it’s easy to change your mind and purchase a different car.

Consider Leasing

Finally, before you make a purchase, make sure you really want to actually buy the car you’re considering. Sometimes, leasing is a better option, especially if you’re unsure about the purchase or don’t want to commit to owning the same car for a long period of time. Remember, you don’t have to buy, so think about all of the things mentioned here, as well as other options, before you make your final decision.

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