You are not legally allowed to drive without car insurance in most states. Even if your state does not charge you with criminal penalties if you drive without car insurance, you will need enough assets to pay for the damages that result from a car accident in which you are at fault. You can choose to forgo some insurance coverage, which can lead to you being stuck with the bill for your own car repairs if you are responsible for the accident.

Purchasing a Bond

In some states, by having a large sum of money, you can purchase a bond from an authorized surety company that proves that you have at least $30,000 to spend on your own liability. Then, that sum can go towards paying for damages in the event that you get into an accident. You can also give $30,000 to the state treasurer.

Choosing Only Liability Insurance

If you can only afford liability insurance, you could volunteer to pay the bill in the event that you have a car accident. You could get lucky and only have an accident in which the cost of the repairs are affordable. However, if you cannot afford to pay for your car damage repairs out-of-pocket, there are other ways you can pay for repairs.

Repair Finance Programs

Some car repair companies have finance programs. The cost of the repair is covered and you then simply make monthly payments. Before choosing a program, find out of there is a minimum deposit required, whether there are any fees for paying off your car repairs early and whether you will need a credit check.

Vehicle Protection Plans

One alternative to car insurance is to purchase a vehicle protection plan. Rather than pay for your car simply if it has an accident, a car protection plan will pay for repairs and parts when your car breaks down. You will usually need to have your car repaired by a mechanic selected by the protection plan. You never have to see a bill or write a check because the company pays the mechanic directly.


Before you have your car repaired, ask if there are any discounts. Car repair shops will sometimes reduce the cost of labor with the hope of keeping you as a customer.

If you do not have car insurance, and you cannot immediately purchase car insurance today, at least refrain from driving until you are able to obtain car insurance. Ask for a ride, call a cab or use public transportation until you are legally able to drive.

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