Your car’s brakes are the most important safety feature of the automobile, but they are a component that many people know little about. As a result, these drivers may be unsure of how to get the most from their brakes, and considering the importance and cost of quality brakes, this is an important goal for most drivers. Fortunately, using these automobile brake tips should make this an easier task for you. 

Avoid Ceramic Brake Pads When You Will Be Hauling Heavy Items

When you are choosing brake pads for your car, you will likely have the choice between metal and ceramic pads. Ceramic pads are usually slightly less expensive, and they will make fewer sounds when being used. Due to this, they are a popular option for passenger cars, but you should avoid them if you use a truck for hauling heavy equipment. 

Ceramic brake pads are unable to provide a high level of performance for a long period of time when they are subjected to the stresses these loads can cause. As a result, you should have a preference for metal pads for any vehicles that will be involved in hauling. In addition to helping ensure that you can stop your vehicle when you want, this will help your brakes last much longer. 

Know The Warning Signs Of A Failing Caliper

The brake calipers are designed to apply the brake pad to the rotor, which will cause the vehicle to slow. While your car’s calipers are likely to last for many years, they can experience failures due to a number of issues. For example, years of wear may cause the calipers to warp, which will prevent them working as intended. Also, slamming on your brakes can also warp the calipers which can contribute to severe braking problems. 

When your calipers have become damaged, you may notice a loud grinding sound as you apply the brakes. This is in addition to overall difficulty slowing the car. When this problem starts to develop, you should avoid driving the car until it has been repaired because, if the calipers completely fail, you may lose the ability to slow or stop your car. 

Despite the extreme importance of the braking system, there are many drivers that are poorly aware of this part of their vehicle. By understanding when you should avoid using ceramic brake pads and how to tell if your calipers are failing, you should be able to ensure you stay safe while driving.

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