You are driving down the road and suddenly you are hit by another car. You get out to inspect your vehicle and notice a dent. While you might be thinking that it’s time to head off to an auto body shop to get some collision repair done, you might not have to. Minor dents can often be fixed at home with one of these three tools:

1. Standard Plunger

Believe it or not, you can actually use a standard plunger to fix a minor dent in your vehicle. The suction created by the plunger will essentially pull the dent out. All you need for this is a plunger, but you might want to use some petroleum jelly to help the plunger adhere to the car securely. When you are ready to remove the dent, apply the jelly and push the plunger over the dent. Pump the plunger just like you would when plunging a toilet and release. 

2. Rubber Mallet

Another tool you can use to remove a dent is a rubber mallet. However, this method only works if you have access to the backside of the dent. For example, a dent in a hood or trunk. Simply access the dent from the backside and begin hammering at the dent with your mallet. Continue hammering until the dent is gone. Just make sure you frequently check the exterior of the car to ensure you don’t create a bubble. If you don’t want to ruin the interior of the vehicle, place a clean towel down over the dent so you don’t create scratches or ruin the paint.

3. Automotive Dent Puller

If you do not want to use household items to fix the dent, consider using an automotive dent puller. These specialized tools can be found at most home improvement or auto body shops. To use a dent puller, drill a small hole into the dent. Insert the wire and pull until the dent is gone. Once removed, fill the hole, and apply paint that matches your car. While these tools are a little bit more difficult to use, they work wonderfully on minor dents.

Removing a minor dent in your vehicle is an easy task that can be done yourself. However, deeper or more severe dents may still require the attention of a professional. If you have tried all of these methods with no success, you will need to take your vehicle to an auto body shop.