Many drivers have had the misfortune of noticing a crack or ding in their vehicle’s windshield. If you have recently noticed a flaw in your auto glass, you might be tempted to overlook fixing the damage. It’s important that you understand that even a small crack could cause serious damage if you fail to have auto glass repair done promptly.

Here are three dangers you could be facing when you don’t fix your cracked windshield quickly.

1. You run the risk of receiving a fine if you drive with a cracked windshield.

If the thought of paying a ticket doesn’t appeal to you, then driving with a cracked windshield isn’t a good idea. If a law enforcement official spots your damaged auto glass, you could be facing a hefty fine.

For example, drivers in the state of Michigan who are slapped with a broken windshield ticket have to pay $111.00 on top of the cost of repairs to clear their record. Avoid putting yourself in danger of being forced to pay a fine by having your cracked or broken windshield repaired as soon as possible.

2. A cracked windshield compromises the safety of your vehicle during a rollover accident.

While no driver plans to be involved in an accident when they get behind the wheel, accidents can happen at any time. Rollover accidents are especially deadly, with 7,067 travelers losing their lives to rollovers in 2013 alone. Having a cracked windshield can seriously increase your chances of becoming injured if you are involved in a rollover.

Your car’s windshield is engineered to provide vertical support during a rollover, which helps to prevent the roof from caving in. A cracked windshield doesn’t have the strength needed to provide proper protection during a rollover, so failing to repair your damaged windshield could place you and your passengers in danger.

3. Cracked windshields increase your chances of being ejected from your vehicle upon impact.

In the event an accident occurs, staying inside your vehicle can reduce your risk of serious injury. Although seat belts are designed to help prevent accidental ejection, some passengers overlook the safety benefits of seat belts and fail to wear them.

Your windshield is the last line of defense when it comes to accidental ejection, and even a minor crack or chip could cause the windshield to break on impact. Statistics show that 3 out of 4 people ejected from vehicles in a crash died from their injuries. Don’t put yourself or your passengers in harm’s way by failing to repair a broken windshield.

Cracks and dings in your windshield are more than just mere cosmetic flaws. Avoid fines and increase your chances of staying safe during an accident by choosing to address any damage in your auto glass as quickly as possible.