Trying to turn that newly purchased pre-owned car into one that feels like it’s always been yours? Here are a few ways you can personalize your car and make it your own.

Get a Clean Slate

Unless you bought your car from a pre-owned auto dealer like Gagel’s Auto Sales, your new old car probably has some interior wear and tear. Take an afternoon to clean it all out from floor to ceiling. Make a mixture of equal parts club soda, Dawn dish soap and vinegar. Spray it onto cloth upholstery, scrub with a scrub brush and vacuum out stains with a shop vac or steam cleaner. Even if your car didn’t have a noticeable smell before, you’ll notice the difference after. 

Use the same mixture on your car’s ceiling, called the headliner. Instead of a scrub brush, wipe clean with a microfiber cloth. The fabric on your car’s ceiling is very delicately glued on, so tread lightly. If grime stuck in corners is throwing off your groove, detail your car easily with a wet foam craft brush. 

Replace Small Fixtures

You can personalize your car by replacing small things like the license plate covers or the hub caps. Especially if they’re old or worn, small changes like this go a long way. Take it up a notch and switch out that old radio system with an updated dock with modern music technology. If your car is old enough, you can easily take out plastic cup holder liners and replace them with new ones. No need to worry about someone else’s dirt! 

Clear The Air

Older cars usually don’t smell that great. If you’ve already detailed your car and it still smells, try cleaning out the air conditioning system. Check passageways for old leaves, dust or grime. Change the air filter — most people forget to do this as often as they should. If all else fails, get an air conditioning deodorizer to freshen things up. Make your car smell homey with your favorite essential oil dabbed onto a DIY clay pendant. It’ll smell fresh without giving off that fake smell. 

Add Personal Touches

Make that used car look great with personal touches like a stylish steering wheel cover, a hanging mirror pendant or a sticker that expresses your personality. Add car eyelashes to your headlights to bring your car to life, or go bold with a new paint job in an unexpected hue. 

Once you’ve done these things your car will feel like it’s been with you since day one.