Have You Noticed These Things In Your Car? Then You Need To Change The Air Filter

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Car manufacturers have guidelines indicating when air filters should be changed; for example, some require a change every 30,000 miles. However, if you drive in dirty areas, such as unpaved roads, then you may need to change your air filter before the manufacturer’s recommended time. Here are a few signs that point to a dirty air filter that needs to be changed: Visual Signs of Dirt Sometimes, spotting a dirty air filter may be as simple as giving it a visual examination. A clean filter is white or off-white in color. The further your filter is from this, the dirtier it is. This is because the debris, such as dirt particles which get trapped on the surface of the filter, change its color. Decreased Gas Mileage The air filter traps contaminants to ensure the air entering the engine’s combustion cylinder is clean. If the air filter is clogged, then enough clean air won’t enter the engine, and the air/fuel ratio will be unbalanced. This means your car may need to burn more fuel to cover the same distance it used to cover with less, which is what decreased gas mileage means. Spark Plug-Related Problems If the filter is dirty and adequate clean air cannot reach the engine, then you may experience ignition difficulty, misfiring engine and rough idling. All these spark plug problems occur because the fuel-rich air/fuel mixture fouls the spark plugs and interferes with their firing mechanisms. Increased Engine Deposits As explained above, driving with a dirty filter means that enough clean air will not reach the engine. As a result, the combustion will not be complete and the engine will experience increased deposits of carbon-based by-products such as soot. These deposits will trigger the engine sensors, and the “Service Engine Soon” light will turn on. Reduced Performance Lastly, you should also expect some reduced performance if you are driving around with a dirty filter. This is because the foul air leads to incomplete combustion, meaning the full energy of the air/fuel mixture isn’t released as some unburnt fuel is released along with exhaust gasses. The result is that your car may not accelerate or climb hills as efficiently as it does with clean air filters. Therefore, you shouldn’t just rely on your car manufacturer’s recommendation; you ought to pay close attention to how your car drives, behaves and looks. That way you get to maintain your engine’s efficiency and also minimize your car’s emissions. Find out more by contacting a company like Marathon -Sleepy...

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Make Your Car Look New Again With Used Auto Parts

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You’re not ready to get rid of your old car, but it’s showing signs of age. Even simple things like replacing cracked taillight lenses can be expensive if you go to the dealers’s parts store. Keep your old car looking good by browsing a local auto salvage yard for good used parts. Some of the parts you find will look like new, and there are a few parts you should stay away from. Grab your toolbox and head out to the local car parts lot and get your old car back into shape. How a Pick-and-Pull Works These lots are a step up from the traditional auto junk yard. They organize their lot to make it easier to find the make and model of car you need. Sometimes, they pull off the used auto parts, such as stereos, speakers and mirrors, and keep them organized from the cars. You go in with a tool box, find the parts you want and remove them, take them to the front desk and pay a flat price set for that part. For example, you’ll pay the same for a left-side driver’s mirror regardless of what kind of car it came off of. These lots make their money off of selling scrap metal and recycling used car parts. They make it as easy as possible for you to find what you want. Used Car Parts to Avoid There are a few parts that you shouldn’t get at the salvage yard. These are usually related to the car’s safety and heavily-used items that you can’t tell how much life is left in them. The parts to avoid include: Timing Belts and Chains Accessory Belts Hoses and Tubes Air and Oil Filters Spark Plugs and Wires Distributor Caps The exception to this is if you happen to find a car that just had a major tune-up before being sent to the salvage yard. If the parts look to be new, take them and save yourself a few dollars on your next tune-up. Good Used Parts from the Salvage Yard These parts can have a lot of life left in them. Don’t settle on the first part you find because it has just a little rust on it. Look at all of your make and model of car and compare the parts. You’re paying the same price so pick the best part you can find. The parts to find on the lot include: Body parts such as fenders, bumpers, engine hoods and truck lids. Front and rear windshields, and door windows. Interior and exterior rear view mirrors. Headlight assemblies and taillight lenses. Door handles, latches, window cranks, and arm rests. window and door weather stripping and...

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