If love your summer cruiser that you drive when the weather is warm, it’s important that you preserve it the right way before you put it into storage for the harsh winter months. There are a few ways you can get the vehicle prepared to sit and ways you can protect the value.

The vehicle is a machine that needs to be maintained and cared for, and you want to make sure that small or existing problems don’t intensity over the winter in storage. Here just a few things you’ll want to think about, before you cover the vehicle up.

Get the Car Serviced

Have a local mechanical shop give the car a diagnostic check and a tuneup. Have the oil changed, because dirty oil will break down over time, and it can corrode the components throughout the engine. It won’t lubricate as it should when it’s dirty. You also want the other fluids replaced and filled to the top, so there isn’t room for condensation to become a problem. Temperature changes that cause condensation can be a big problem, because they dilute the fluids.

Add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank, and fill it up for the winter. Take out the battery so it isn’t dead in the spring, and add enough air to the tires that you won’t have to worry about deflation over time.

Have Exterior Issues Repaired

Is your vehicle starting to show signs of rusts from the rain or humidity that it’s exposed to in the spring and summer? If so, you want to have the rust removed or repaired at an auto body shop before you put it away. You also want to have the vehicle exterior detailed and waxed, so it’s protected in storage. The vehicle will look great in the spring if you cover it or wrap it right when it leaves the auto body shop. For more information, contact Select Collision Centers Inc. or a similar company.

Clean the Inside

Any light soiling or staining can become permanent if it sits for months in the car, so have the carpets cleaned. This is also going to help preserve the carpeting, by removing damaging debris out of the fibers, and it’s going to prevent odors from lingering in the vehicle.

You want to make sure that your car looks great every year, even as it starts to age. If you take care of it properly, you won’t have to worry about the vehicle becoming a clunker.